Why a Syndicated Line of Credit Is So Easy To Get...

You can get from $25,000 to $100,000 for your growing business now!

With the Syndicated Line of Credit,
you can now get the much-needed cash that will help elevate your business and your lifestyle to where you NEED it to be!

It's Easy to get started;

you just need a 700+ credit score
(or a willing co-signer with good credit)

Same Day Quote:

Al Chavis * Senior Funding Director Aliana Funding Sources 

Why Hesitate to GROW Your New Small Business?

If you’re hesitating to get started 
setting up your new small business, you need to:

“smack-your-face a bit” and then
proceed forward!

Now is Not the time to hesitate!
...your future success is at stake!

And since success usually equates
to happiness, I think you’d be on the
right track here to get ALL the funding

you'll need to STAY Happy!

First off, make sure you're following a good training “system” and a mentor; and have a good, solid plan!

( Just a suggestion!) 

Do You Have A Great Personal credit score?

Even though you may be just starting to grow your new small business and you have very little, or even zero track record,


you can now get up to $100,000 in Low-Interest business funding based solely on your good credit record! 

Show us a solid, long-running 700+ credit score and we will help get you funded with a $25,000 to $100,000

Syndicated Line of Credit (cash+credit cards)


to use as you please for your growing business.


ALIANA Funding Sources 


(Follow These Instructions!)

Our 3 Step Process:

Syndicated Line of Credit

 The first thing you’ll want to do is to provide your official credit score to our lending partners.

Go to this website:


Download a copy of your credit score/report


It’ll only cost you a dollar!

( $1 For 7 days - simply cancel within 7 days.)

(Checking your own credit will NOT hurt your score)

  We review your official credit score.

Once you've downloaded your

Credit Score/Report

let us know the results...

(If it's 700+ we'll start

the application 





  We'll then submit your 

Credit Score/Report to the Syndicated Line of Credit partners for review...


*They'll get back to you, within minutes, to explain the program to you in more detail...

and ask you a few questions.   

**They'll then let you know how much your new business will be funded!


Why Choose Us? 

It’s Simple

Faster Process

Approvals in 24 Hours

Easy, Simple Process

Minimal Paperwork Required for Application

CO -SIGNERS Are Welcome

We Consider ANY Co- Signer with good  Credit!

Bank Said No?

Relax, we got this…


We work on your behalf...

So You Don't have to!

Syndicated Line Of Credit

(Credit Card/ Cash Option)



     THIS FORM!)

Al Chavis 

Senior Funding Director 

Aliana Funding Sources




  2227 Woodview Ct. #9

Madison, Wisconsin   53713

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